How E-Colors Came Together For Me

I am David Senior Garcia, a Blue/Yellow Coach with Equilibria since 2010.
I have been in touch with E-Colors for over 6 years.   As a top E-Color Blue I am very loyal, if unmanaged this strength can turn into a potential limiter as I do not easily embrace change. This is the story about how I shifted from doubting the E-Colors process to valuing and using it in my daily life.

As you can see in the next picture, we find that there are typically various phases people go through when they learn about E-Colors.

My journey started on the Doubt and Resistance phase, my first reaction to E-Colors was resisting the process as I thought it put me in a box. I came out of this phase after participating in an awareness session which helped me understand that E-Colors was about the contrary, understanding my natural tendencies could actually help me overcome my reactions and grow as a professional, not being limited by my personality tendencies.

This led me to the understanding self and others phase. Starting to understand myself in terms of E-Colors helped me appreciate my tendencies and realize the sharp differences in personalities. This knowledge quickly allowed me to tolerate others better, especially those of different E-Color combinations than mine.

Shifting from tolerating other E-Colors to appreciating them is a step that took conscious practice for me. When working with others using E-Colors it is easy to tolerate different behaviors, this provides a healthy team atmosphere but means you are missing out on really making the most of the system. Appreciating the way in which others thought was a very powerful step in my E-Colors journey.

Nowadays I am looking for different ways to continue to use this knowledge and apply it in all aspects of my life.

Please place a comment sharing how you use E-Colors in your daily activities.

Article By: David Senior (Yellow/Blue)

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