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My first E-Colors experience happened a few years ago while I was employed as the Director of Training and Development for an oil field service company in Houston.  However, it wasn’t until I started working for Equilibria and I totally immersed myself in E-Colors that I began to recognize the potential of this great tool.  And, it was when I saw it applied in the field and in peoples’ lives that I saw what an impact it was having.  The beauty of it is that it is easily understood, it’s easy to remember and it is surprisingly accurate in its depiction of personality traits.  Even those who are initially doubtful will quickly recognize themselves in the descriptions of their E-Color tendencies.  Once that happens, it is only natural that they would start to look at the characteristics of those closest to them – family, friends and co-workers.

Of course, I was the same and had my wife and college age daughter take the PDI (personality diversity indicator).  I also had my then 9 year old son take it when the junior version (JPDI) came out.  It was very insightful for my wife and me to see how a lot of the issues in our relationship came because we weren’t managing her Red/Green tendencies against my Red/Blue very well.

For years it had been bothering me that when we went grocery shopping my wife would jump out of the car and head directly to the store as soon as we got parked.  It was an ah-ha moment for me when I finally realized that when she jumped out of the car and headed immediately inside without waiting for me, she wasn’t being rude, she was just focused on the task of getting groceries, a typical Red/Green behavior.  The Blue side of my personality likes everyone to go together and be happy, not something my wife thinks about when she is in the moment of getting something done.  Understanding her E-Colors tendencies made it possible for me to distance myself from her behavior and not take it personally.

For my son, Yellow/Red, most of the issues he was having at school and at home could be directly attributed to his top E-Color Yellow potential limiters.  Not to say that these issues disappeared overnight but, knowing ourselves and knowing each other better gave us some common ground from which to work on them.

The notes my son gets from his teachers usually says he is very friendly, helpful, and well-liked but he talks too much and is disorganized – right out of the book for top E-Color Yellows.  Understanding those tendencies has helped him, and us as parents, to focus on managing his potential limiters like having a check-list of things he needs to do every morning to get ready for school which helps him stay focused.

I could go on and on but let me just say that we have found the E-Colors journey to be both fun and rewarding and look forward to ongoing adventures.

If you haven’t established your E-Colors yet please visit and complete your PDI – it’s free!

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