My Engaging Bicycle

Story By: Ositsen Igebu (Blue/Yellow), National Support Coach

Hello, my names are Ositsena Igebu, my friends call me Osi, my E-Colors are Blue over Yellow. I live in Port Harcourt in Nigeria.  I am a Nigerian Coach working in support of the E-Colors implementation program to thousands of people employed by a multinational company.  Most of my coaching takes place in Escravos where 5000 people work at an oil production facility.

As a Blue/Yellow, I am very people orientated; some of my strengths are that I am very friendly and easy to get along with. I’m also very supportive and like to feel part of a team. Now, even though my second E-Color is yellow (the engager) I usually have to overcome one of my Potential Limiters (my shyness) to be able to engage with new people and talk freely. Another potential limiter I’m working hard on is my tendency to be too reactive. Instead of reacting to situations, I try to respond by first pressing my pause button. I tell myself “think twice, act once.”

In my role as a supporting coach I have to engage with many people daily at construction worksites around the huge Escravos facility. I have to approach their worksite, introduce myself and ask if I can participate in their pre-task safety talks, I try to stimulate full use of E-Colors from all the workgroups in their meetings, we ask each other questions like “how could I get hurt according to my E-Color tendencies?” and “what will I do when I recognise those behaviours are happening?”

It’s tropical here and very hot all year round and just walking around this massive camp is quite a challenge in the heat and humidity. So you can imagine my delight to come back to work this week and be presented with a shiny new bicycle to help me get around all the worksites! To my even greater delight it is bright YELLOW so I call it my “engaging bicycle”. I really feel like “The Engager” as I ride around, people see me coming from far away and wave cheerily. As I approach workgroups, people look at my bright yellow bike and it deflects their attention from me for a moment which helps me overcome my initial shyness on arrival and allows me to step off my bike and step into my engaging coaching role more easily.

It’s very interesting and very fulfilling work, we call it “Realizing Potential” and we start people on their very own individual “Realizing Potential Journey”.


Hope to meet you along your journey one day, and as for me? my own journey is so much easier on my “Engaging Bicycle”.

Thank you for letting me share this with you.



© 2013, Ositsena Igebu. All rights reserved.

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