How my Attitude to Safety was Changed

The concept of incident and injury free is a novel one to me; I have worked as a Fitter for over 12 years now.  Although, the safety personnel on the previous jobs I have done always talked about accident prevention, but that didn’t mean much to me as I saw it as a routine slogan.

My experience on this project has changed my attitudes and beliefs especially with the E-Colors perspective. It has helped me to raise my safety awareness and most importantly, curtailed my knack for “short cuts”.

I think about safety on the road, at home, as well as everywhere I find myself.

As for E-Colors coaching, there is considerable improvement on my “people skills” which is very vital to safe working. Work is never done in isolation, you must work and interact with people. I understand why they behave or respond the way they do and so I have learned to be more patient with people. I treat people the way they want to be treated using the E-Colors as a guide and not the way I assume they should be treated.

It really has been a profound and interesting experience.


My E-Colors are Blue/Green and I am still working on myself, especially my potential limiters.





My message to my co-workers is that they should never allow complacency creep into their attitudes, this will endanger them and their co-workers.

Ngozi Nwankpa
Fitter Forman

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