Voices from the Rig – Meet Ezekiel and Andy

Equilibria coaches thrive on feedback they hear when they’re in the field. We sincerely believe honest conversations can lead to safer workplaces and build a culture of operational excellence. In this week’s blog, we’re sharing voices of Ezekiel and Andy, who tell of their experiences with E-Colors as crew members on offshore rigs.

“Safety First, Safety Last” – Ezekiel

I feel good about the E-Colors training that I received on my rig; it was a wonderful experience for me to understand my own behavior. I was not surprised by the result of the PDI (personality diversity indicator), as it depicted me as just the kind of person that I am. I am a thinker and a relater (G/B), and I see myself as a kind person who likes to listen to things that are positive for my well-being.

I also like to ask questions, when necessary, to get a clear understanding of what I need to know. I do not like to hurry unnecessarily, as there are associated safety implications. I like to think and to relate to people because no man is an island; we need each other to get things done in a positive manner. Safety first, safety last; I am so happy to be working for my drilling company!

- By Ezekiel Nimely 

“I now use the E-Colors as a useful tool on a daily basis.” -Andy

I was first introduced to the Equilibria E-Colors program back in 2005, when working as a roughneck in the North Sea. I recently retook the E-colors online assessment, and was interested to see that my E-Colors have remained the same. I now use the E-Colors as a useful tool on a daily basis.  Not only do my E-Colors help me to realize my strengths, but also highlight my potential limiters. When dealing with other people, I can now identify and relate to the E-Colors on the hard hat of the person I am talking to.

In general, when offshore, I see a much more positive attitude towards the E-Colors than I did nearly a decade ago. The Equilibria coaches onboard are very motivated and enthusiastic, and bring out the best in people. If you take the time to believe in the E-Colors for what they are, you will benefit by understanding yourself and the people around you more.

- By Andy Robins 

Thanks for reading about E-Colors and the impact they’re having on people around the world!

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E-Colors Help Integrate New Crew Members

Since December 2013, Equilibria coaches have been on board the rig where I serve, coaching and assisting expat crews. This support has been invaluable, as recently over 150 new Chinese crew members joined the vessel in Korea on rotation. The new addition of so many crew members proved challenging, as they were not only new to the vessel, but also to the company.

The biggest challenge has been breaking down personal barriers, because with so many new faces, company supervisors didn’t yet know the people working on their teams well. This has really been a situation which has allows the E-Colors program to shine. Supervisors working with new people and personalities used E-Colors to help them communicate with new crew members, expediting the length of time normally needed to get to know everyone.

As a result of that time, the E-Colors have shown me that an understanding of each other’s personalities and personal strengths enhances communications between all crew members, and can only lead to better performance. I personally have learned about all the E-Color combinations, and how different combinations can help in certain scenarios. I have learned that knowledge of the E-Colors can add value to toolbox talks, and can make a huge difference in planning and executing tasks.

I am grateful to have worked alongside many of the Equilibria coaches. I have found all of them to be very motivated with a great passion for developing others. They are always looking at different ways to assist onsite supervisors in developing their personnel. I personally think they have done a fantastic job on this rig, and I know they have left a lasting legacy.

Story by: Neil “Puds” Gooding (Y/B)

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Learning to Coach People NOT Techniques

As someone who has coached sports for all of his adult life, I have learnt a lot about different methods and techniques, systems and styles. I have read books by famous coaches, and attended clinics run by sporting legends. I have tried to bring everything I have learned to the field, and to make sure my players are ready for game day.

“I wanted to give them more but I didn’t know how.”

I have always been heavy on the fundamentals and development. However, a few years back I started to realize that something was missing. Yes, the athletes knew how to play the game I had coached them in, but I felt I there was more to give. I spent more time with them than I did with my own family, yet it felt like I hardly knew them. I wanted to give them more but I didn’t know how. I wanted them to understand me and my methodology, but I didn’t know how to explain myself.

That all changed when I was introduced to the E-Colors. Before learning about the E-Colors, our training sessions were poor. I decided to call a team meeting and work out what was going wrong, because on paper we were ticking all the boxes, but there was no spark, no chemistry. This was best summed up at the team meeting when someone stood up and said, “Well, we’re not having fun.”

My E-Colors are Green/Red, so my first reaction was to think fun comes once we complete our goals and do well in a game. However, once I had considered the differing E-Colors traits and characteristics, I realized that I was fulfilling all my needs, but had not considered anyone else’s. Yes, we were getting the work done, but at what cost?

“…of the thousands of coaching methods and techniques, none of them are any use if you don’t know how to communicate them to your players…”

I needed to change things. I realized that of the thousands of coaching methods and techniques, none of them are of any use if you don’t know how to communicate them to your players in the way which best suits them. This is important because at the end of the day, they are the ones on the field, not the coach.

That’s when the power of E-Colors in sport hit me, and inspired me to develop E-Colors in Sport. There are many coaching books out there, but as coaches we need to learn to coach people as well as we do the plays.

Story by: Ben McMahon (G/R)

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Enterprising Seven Year Old Makes E-Colors Accessories

I’m very proud of my daughter, and there’s no doubt she has inherited and absorbed many of my character traits. She’s competitive, has a short attention span for details, and will always try to negotiate to get what she wants, even from her teachers! She has more than a few hobbies, including swimming, taekwondo, and the violin, which she said she chose just to irritate her mother and me.

However, my seven year old’s latest pastime is creating rainbow looms. Making rainbow looms is a fun, craft activity in which kids sew together rubber bands of all types. When they are finished, the looms become funky, multicolored jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on. Like the other kids her age, she is excited by being able to express herself this way, and recently decided she would create E-Colors accessories for my co-workers and me.

She said, “Daddy, since your E-Colors are Yellow/Red, I’ll make you a Yellow/Red ring to wear.

Then later she asked, “What’s Uncle Danny’s E-Colors?”

Yellow/Blue,” I said, so she made him a Yellow/Blue keychain for his birthday.

Little did I know, she was just getting started. Later she informed me she could make more E-Colors inspired items, but it would cost me. Her business plan is to sell them at $2 for a ring, $3 for a keychain, and $5 for a wristband.

Today, I got my new Yellow/Red wristband which my daughter made with her new, bigger loom. This must’ve been a free sample as she never mentioned the $5 :-) . I’m thankful she’s given me an extra special way to for me to be cognizant of my E-Colors, and it serves as a flashy reminder to others how best to communicate with me.

Now spread the word; I’m taking orders!

Story by: Dean Masters (Y/R)

If you haven’t established your E-Colors yet please visit www.equilibria.com and complete your PDI– it’s free!

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Victor Discovers His True Personality Traits

I am a Liberian living in a place called Congo Town, Liberia. I work as a roustabout and although my job requires a variety of skills, I was surprised to learn my team needed everyone to take a personality assessment. I was shocked again to find after taking the PDI, that the assessment described me exactly as I am.

How could this be?” I thought.

Before undergoing Equilibria’s personality assessment, I admittedly did not know much about my personality, but my experience with Equilibria has changed that.  Now I can tell everybody who I am; I can boldly tell you my qualities and characteristics, and my potential limiters.  I also know how I can get hurt when performing my job, or how I might disrupt teamwork.  I have truly changed my behavior when responding to my co-workers, relying on what I know about their E-Colors to decide how best to communicate with them. The E-Colors highlight the diversity of thought within a group; working with people and knowing their E-Colors makes the work easier, because you understand who you are dealing with.

This is true not only in the workplace, but also in all other areas of everyday life. My fiancée read the list of qualities and characteristics associated with my E-Colors, and said “That is exactly how you behave.  How did you find this out?

I answered her by saying, “It’s simple. Go to the Equilibria website, and do the E-Colors Personal Diversity Indicator assessment (PDI), then we will know your E-Colors combination too.

My fiancée and I used to quarrel regularly; it turns out her Green/Blue personality traits, are quite different from my Yellow/Green characteristics. Now things have improved and are much smoother between us, because we know each other’s E-Colors, and understand each other’s personality better.

I want to encourage everyone to read about the E-Colors, and to take an E-Colors assessment, because knowledge of the E-Colors gives people from diverse backgrounds the ability to understand each other. I hope my story shows you that the E-Colors not only help people to understand each other at work, but they also enable family, friends and relatives to understand each other better.

Story by: Victor Barry Sayon (Y/G)

If you haven’t established your E-Colors yet please visit www.equilibria.com and complete your PDI– it’s free!

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WATCH: The E-Colors Story Shared via Global Classroom

Recently Equilibria Co-CEO, Lewis Senior, had the privilege of sharing his knowledge of the E-Colors at East Carolina University (ECU). ECU in Greenville, North Carolina, boasts a global classroom capable of broadcasting interactive learning programming to students around the world.

Equilibria is excited to be featured on this platform, and to be able to use the opportunity to share E-Colors, Personal Intervention, and the Equilibria story with a worldwide audience. The message, “E-Colors …a Better Way to Communicate,” was broadcast live on Monday, June 9th, 2014. However, the video of the event has been made available at the link below for anyone to watch.

Click Here to Watch the Full Version of Lewis’s Message

Note: If needed, use the controls at the bottom of the screen to toggle the video playback. Lewis begins speaking near the 26 minute mark and ends by taking several questions from both people present at the lecture, and those listening around the world. 

The purpose of the video is to let more people know about the efforts Equilibria is undertaking to make workplaces and schools, safer and more efficient. Using our communication skills, including tools such as the E-Colors, each of us can make ourselves better understood, while better understanding others.

After the experience Lewis remarked thankfully, “From the emails that have poured in from across the globe this afternoon, it sounded like it was well received; your comments are most welcome.”

In addition to the broadcast, you can click here to read more of Lewis’ great story, including his biggest ‘Aha! moments’.

Thank you all for watching and sharing. Special thanks to hosts Dr. DeLeo and Ron Harrell. You’re welcome to leave a comment below. 

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Keep Discovering Your Colors

I find the E-Colors’ ability to give insight into people’s personality fascinating. When my recent assessment returned the colors Green/Red, and an accurate description of my behavior, I thought it was magical! The description offered by the PDI accurately matches my character and behavior. I can proudly say that I agree with my E-Colors because they say who I really am.

The E-Colors mean a lot to me. We are all different, and the E-Colors depiction of traits and characteristics tells me who I am, and who someone else is, more easily, as I am able to understood their character and behavior. By looking at a person’s E-Colors you get an idea of his or her character, likely behavior, and why they do and say things in a certain way. The E-Colors help me predict people’s actions in the different situations we find ourselves in, and by understanding people’s needs after speaking to them, you treat them with harmony, peace, and understanding.

Where safety issues are concerned, the E-Colors help you realize that you must be alert to people’s differing attitudes. I also find this promotes teamwork, and gives better results in our work. I now work much better with people of different cultures and backgrounds, which I found difficult before receiving E-Colors training. I now ask myself “How can I get hurt?” or “How could I disrupt teamwork?” By evaluating myself in this way I am able to achieve more.

I would like to encourage everyone to continue learning about the E-Colors, in order to learn more about both yourself and others. This knowledge will enable us to behave in a way that is acceptable to others, and produce positive results in the workplace and beyond.

Story by: Ujay MacArthur Russell (G/R)

If you haven’t established your E-Colors yet please visit www.equilibria.com and complete your PDI– it’s free!

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Part of the Global E-Colors Family

Three years ago I started working offshore, and was introduced to E-Colors by a coaching company called Equilibria. I did not have any idea of what having knowledge of the E-Colors would involve, but today I am proud to say that I am Green / Yellow, and that I am part of a global family.

Equilibria has had a meaningful and powerful affect on me, my family, coworkers, and clients that I work for. Equilibria has focused my attention on my strengths and potential limiters, especially when it comes to communication.

Equilibria has enabled me to connect with my inner feelings, and to recognize that I have powerful tools to use when communicating with different personality types, no matter where they are from! Regardless of race, background, culture or age we can communicate effectively.

The E-colors are designed to help us understand ourselves, and how we can deal with, and improve on, our strengths and potential limiters in all situations, whether in the workplace, at home, in education or any other situation.

Lastly I would like to leave you with these words: I am Green/Yellow, but no matter what combination of these four beautiful colors – Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green – you are, knowing what personality type these color combinations represent, helps us to work efficiently, and to engage with and respect others, so establishing a safe working environment with peace, love, and unity. I truly believe in the E-Colors as a tool, and encourage all of you who are out there who are not aware of these strong and powerful colors, to become engaged with them and so join us in spreading the word.

Story by: Kali A L Hoff (G/Y)

If you haven’t established your E-Colors yet please visit www.equilibria.com and complete your PDI– it’s free!

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E-colores – A Bilingual E-Colors Experience

The following story has been translated from Spanish, read below to find the original Spanish language text. 

Prior to joining the West Tellus, I had experienced the E-Colors with CVX in Indonesia. However, even though the E-Colors process was explained to me, I didn’t get it. I didn’t pay much attention and I never used what I had learnt.

When I arrived on this beautiful rig, I soon found Equilibria doing some training, which I decided to join. It became a very valuable learning experience for me. I was able to discuss the E-Colors, and I now understand clearly what helps me, and what limits me. As the operation went on, I observed everyone on the rig becoming aware of the principles, and discussing what they had learned – especially the leadership team. Watching everyone else apply the E-Colors made me realize I had to do something for myself.

I decided to apply what I had learned: to slow myself down, learn to wait for what others have to say, and to think before I say something that I may regret later. Now, I give people time to understand me, and get the data before they ask me for it. I am much more aware of my own limitations, and the potential of others, and have become more reflective and cautious than I have ever been. I still act quickly, but am not as reactive as I had been before. I have learned that not all of us are the same, and I recognize others’ strengths and limiters. This has made me a better leader and better group member. I do not have to be the leader and take over; when someone else takes the lead I can follow. I have also suggested that all the people on my crew attend the E-Colors training. I would not want my crew members to miss this chance to get to know themselves better.

I have found out that when interacting with other E-Color combinations, I have to prepare myself in order to meet their expectations. When I to talk to the Red/Green engineer he tells me he needs the data. When I talk to Blues, I slow down, calm myself and wait for them to process and then respond. This is very tough for me, but it works.

Thank you for showing me how to be a better me!

Danilo Tosso (R/Y)

Coaches Note: Danilo has been recognized for his hard work at managing his potential limiters. He has positively affected the performance and trust level of the team.


Cuando llegué al West Tellus , había tenido una experiencia previa con e-colores durante la campaña de CVX en Indonesia , aunque aun cuando el proceso de e- colores me fue presentado , yo no le presté mucha atención, nunca utilicé lo que había aprendido en aquella oportunidad.

Cuando llegué a este magnífico equipo de perforación, donde encontré que el personal de Equilibria y Check 6 estaban dando entrenamiento, me interesé y asistí a una reunión, esto se convirtió en una experiencia muy beneficiosa para mí, pude ser capaz de entender claramente lo que me ayuda y lo que me limita, con el avance de los días decidí a poner en práctica lo que había aprendido. Poner un freno a mí mismo, aprender a esperar lo que otras personas tienen que decir, pensar antes de que diga algo que yo pueda lamentar más tarde, dando tiempo para que la gente me entienda y obtener los datos antes de que se me pregunten por ellos, conseguí ser mucho más consciente de mis propias limitaciones y los potenciales de otras personas, lo cual me llevó ser más reflexivo y prudente de lo que había sido. Todavía tomo un enfoques rápido, pero no tan rápido como ha sido antes; no todas las personas son similares y reconociendo los demás sus potenciales y limitadores, me ha hecho un mejor lider o simplemente un mejor miembro del grupo. Recomendé la gente de mi equipo para ir al mismo entrenamiento; no hubiese querido dejar que alguien de mi equipo, pierda esta oportunidad de conocerse a sí mismo más profundamente.

Gracias por enseñarme, cómo ser un mejor yo.

Story by: Danilo Tosso (R/Y)

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What Yoga Can Teach A Seasoned Oil and Gas Employee

I know what you are thinking, who let the hippie into Oil & Gas? Yes it is true, I have just completed yoga teacher training. It was evident that coaching for Equilibria and teaching yoga have much in common. I thought I would take a moment and share what I’ve learned, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do a single yoga pose, just read my examples and consider your own personal growth and leadership.

The Relationship Between Pain and Suffering

Since joining Equilibria I have appreciated the similarities between personal intervention, martial arts and Buddhist philosophy. In short the concept is: deal with the pain – if you do not you will suffer, then you will have to deal with suffering, and you will still have to deal with the pain that caused it.

As an example, one of the first teams I worked with lacked alignment with the leadership team, as one member undermined the rest of the team. The pain was never addressed and the entire operation suffered. Even though that team continually fixed things, they never fixed the problem (the pain). Years later that team still struggles; the problem is still there. No one wants to face the pain and deal with it, they continually manage suffering, seemingly always improving, realistically never improving. High-performance teams do not suffer – they deal with the problem, not the symptoms.

This concept is repeated again in personal intervention. The concepts are easy, much as watching someone else do a yoga pose; the hard part is doing it yourself. In yoga philosophy, one’s mind is the same as the body, and it takes practice to create change in either your mind or body. The mental discipline of practicing yoga is the hard part.

Exercising Our Potential Limiters

One exercise from the yoga teacher training was to find one thing we do that we didn’t like about ourselves (we used yogic yamas and niyamas, but E-Color potential limiters would work perfectly). Then, for the rest of the day we were assigned to doing that thing we wanted to change consciously and deliberately.

For the rest of the day we were assigned to consciously and deliberately practice our negative habits. Some people had to interrupt others, some had to say bad things about their team mates and start rumors, some had to be disruptively messy or rude, some had to be argumentative… you get the picture. It was horrible to have to do something which you knew was wrong and counter-productive; the whole time I was thinking this is brilliant! I hate this. The obvious question is “If I hate doing this so much when forced to, why do I do it by choice?” Everyone’s experience was different; I became more aware of my own triggers of unwanted behaviour. The discussion afterwards provided immediate feedback on what it was like to both behave in such a way, as well as being on the receiving end.

Demonstrating Strength and Balance As A Leader

At the end of my training I decided the focus of my own yoga practice for the next year was going to be on strength and eliminating tension. Through the course, I experienced reduced tension leading to more space for me to be me. This strength has enabled me to hold this space for both myself and others more effectively. The experience has proved very refreshing for this Blue/Yellow Coach, increasing my ability to consciously manage potential limiters.

I have attached a photo. The pose is Vrikosana – Sanscrit for Balance pose – which is the essence of Equilibria.


Story by: Steve McGrath (B/Y)

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